Lab Report

A formal lab report is the official record of your laboratory activities in the specified field. Whereas an academic lab report is the written format of the practical experiment and observations made during the conduct of the experiment in order to prove a hypothesis.

Some disciplines in social science like psychology, geology and so also require lab reports. A final lab report works as a communication of experimental data collection and results so that one can evaluate and conclude the subject matter in question. Lab reports are not concerned whether the hypothesis result is positive or negative but why such results are concluded.

 Academic lab reports are based on six major components including:

  • An overview of the purpose of the study.
  • Introduction of the matter which includes case studies as well. Case studies are quoted as published work and also further support your theory in conclusion.
  • Your hypothesis and materials required.
  • Your idea of scientific procedure and experiment conduct method.
  • Collected data and results.
  • Conclusion of your positive or negative result on the hypothesis with work citations

Lab reports are a lot of work and collecting data, in addition, is almost a nightmare. A lab report is a sort of assignment that can not be done under one day nor can it be based on a single scientific explanation. The research must be done in-depth and written in a descriptive manner.

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